Welcome to Hiland Outfitters, LLC. We are located in Hiland, Wyoming (50 miles west of Casper). Our location in central Wyoming gives us access to some of the best hunting areas in the state. We hunt Elk, Antelope, and Mule Deer from our main camp, along with another Antelope camp in southern Wyoming. On occasion we will make use of a spike camp consisting of tents or campers.


Hiland Outfitters employs some the finest guides in the business. All guides are licensed by the Wyoming Board of Professional Outfitters and Guides. No matter what species you decide to hunt, you can count on your guide giving 110% and being a true professional from start to finish.


Our cooks take as much pride in their work as guides. After a long days hunt, there is always a hot home cooked meal waiting for the hunter. All meals furnished by our staff are included in the price of your hunt, unless otherwise noted.


Over the past few seasons, Hiland Outfitters can boast of repeat clientele being 70% of our business. Whether you are after only one species or trying to shoot Wyoming’s triple crown (Antelope, Elk and Mule deer) we have the hunt for you.


With Hiland Outfitters you will enjoy a true Western Adventure.


Thomas Kessel II

1183 Hiland Lane

Hiland, Wyoming 82638






Guided Antelope, Elk, Mule Deer & Mountain Lion hunts in Wyoming.

Now booking for the 2024 season & beyond.

Contact us at 307-797-3311

or 307-797-3312 or email

Specializing in archery hunts for Elk and Antelope

Operations in Africa and Texas

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