Hunt Details

Elk Hunt details

Our Archery Elk season starts Sept 1st. This is a popular hunt, due to the time of the year. Early Sept has the bull Elk gathering the cows for the breading season. This is a great time to use decoys to fool a big bull Elk into bow range. As the days go on the Elk are bugling and can be brought in with calls. There is nothing like a bugling Elk coming in close with archery equipment. These hunts go fast as we only take a limited number of hunters, this is one of the best times to score on a trophy bull Elk.


Our Elk gun season starts the first of October, and goes thru the end of the month. The gun hunt can be done with spot and stalk method or for the hunter who has the patience and does not have the physical ability, we can still hunt known Elk travel routes.


We can most generally get to the top of the mountain via 4x4 and start hunting from there. Elk country has some of the most spectacular vistas in the western United States. Nothing makes it any better than bagging the majestic bull Elk.


Our Elk hunts are 5 day hunts with the option of adding extra days for a fee. Weather does play a factor in Elk hunting and we can not be responsible for any days lost due to weather.


All Elk hunts are from our main camp in Hiland, Wyoming

Mule Deer Hunt Details

A client will spend more time on the move while deer hunting than anything else. Most of the properties we hunt are rolling foothills with lots of draws, drains, coulees, and canyons. Mule Deer commonly show themselves in the early morning and late evening. They spend the rest of the day bedded down and that is when we, as hunters, start putting the miles on by foot.

We offer a couple of different Deer hunts. One is a 4 day hunt and the other is a 5 day hunt.

All Deer hunts are done from our house in Hiland Wyoming.

Weather does play a factor in Mule Deer hunting and we cannot be responsible for any lost days due to weather.

Antelope Hunt Details


Our Antelope hunts start August 15th with bow season, this is a great time to be afield in Wyoming. We mostly hunt from water holes with the use of blinds. We use portable blinds along with blinds made of natural cover. This time of the year can be warm with the Antelope watering daily, this ensures many shot opportunities for the hunter.


Our Antelope gun season starts the middle of September, this time of year the bucks are getting ready to start gathering the does. With the bucks moving this time of the year a hunter can spot and see 20-30 bucks a day! The Antelope are in our opinion are the most  underrated big game animal in North America. Our camp being located 50 west of Casper puts us in the middle of prime Antelope country. It has been said that 70% of all Pronghorn Antelope are within a 150 mile radius of Casper, Wyoming.


Antelope hunts are great for young hunters as with seasoned hunters. We can accommodate large groups along with families or the hunter hunting solo. Pronghorn hunting tests a hunters stalking ability and marksmanship. We start the hunts with breakfast in camp and take lunch and drinks with us. We use the hunting vehicles to get to our hunting areas and move from area to area. We hunt the classic way, get out walk and glass. Once the trophy is spotted we will make a stalk.


Our hunting areas are limited draw areas with great odds of getting your tag. Youths under 18 can get there tags at a discounted price.

Weather does play a factor in Antelope hunting and we cannot be responsible for any lost days due to weather.


Enjoy the springtime in the West.  Our Turkey hunts are for Merriam Turkeys.  These hunts are popular with avid Turkey hunters trying to complete their North American slam for turkeys. Due to our schedule of hunts we can only take a limited number of hunters each spring. Contact us about these exciting hunts.


Our lion hunt begins by driving roads checking for tracks in the early morning hours before sunrise.  We usually have 3 to 5 4X4 trucks checking roads, so it typically doesn't take long to find a track.  Once a track is located, the hounds are released after sunrise.  If you've never experienced this, you are in for an extreme adrenaline rush.  There is nothing like the enthusiasm and excitement that comes from a well trained pack of Lion hounds trailing a Lion.  We then follow the hounds until they tree or hold the Lion at bay.  Once at the tree, you will have the opportunity to harvest one of the most elusive predators of North America. 


We offer a handful of Prairie Dog hunts each year. These hunts are great for the young and old. We feel there is no better way to teach a young hunter shooting skills or to polish an older hunter’s skills. These hunts take place from mid-June until mid-August. These hunts can be added to any of our fishing or summer ranch trips.